About Go Foil

Foiling is one of the most addicting ways to ride waves or almost no waves ! Such a cool feeling flying silently across tiny bumps of water. This opens up tons of new avenues to surf, downwind and have fun in conditions that would never be surfed.

Alex Aguera, founder of Go Foil, have spent most of his life on the water or in the shop trying to win a tenth of a knot. As foil technology improved, all the old ideas about what it meant to go fast on the water changed – radically. Since starting Go Foil he has seen kiteboard racing completely transformed.

Racecraft maker Alex Aguera’s surf foil brand, Go Foil, has been in surf and SUP foiling from the beginning. Their designs continue to push the limits of what is possible with regard to design and quality. Once only a tuttle-compatible foil, the addition of a tuttle-to-track adapter now allows most foilboards the opportunity to ride with a Go Foil beneath them.

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From : Hawaii

Distribution : All Europe, DOM/TOM

Contact : contact@allsurfimport.com

Website : gofoileurope.com